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We are so thrilled to be teaming up with Verdn, enabling us to clean up ocean-bound plastic with every bikini we sell.

The idea for Maranga came from our desire for endless beach days. For something to be endless, it must be sustainable. That made it a natural fit that Maranga would contribute to making the oceans a cleaner, better place.

When we were introduced to Verdn, we couldn’t have been happier! ‘Cause with Verdn, each one of you, with every order, will finance cleanup of ocean-bound plastic. And the best part is that it’s fully trackable as well, so you can see when and where the cleanup occurs.

When you buy a bikini bottom or top, we will make sure that 1 kg of ocean plastic is recovered. That is the same as 80 plastic bottles. For our full suits, we go even further, and pledge to recover 2 kg — the same as 160 plastic bottles. The cleanups take place along polluted rivers and shorelines in Asia and Africa.

The cleanup itself is organized by Empower AS, and facilitated and tracked by Verdn. Empower operates in 15 countries incentivising the collection of plastic waste, kick-starting waste management systems and building transparency in the supply chains of recyclers and plastic producers. The cleanup not only improves the environment, but it also provides crucial wages to local waste pickers in disadvantaged communities.